A local family owned donut shop in the Bay Area that I grew up with. During the COVID-19 global pandemic, I reached out to the shop offering my services of social media marketing for free. Ever since May 2020 I have been working with this client and creating some tasty media for their social media accounts.

So what's the problem?

Problem #1

Low social media exposure



Problem #2


New competition! 

Dunkin' Donuts

is in construction

on the same street as Chuck's Donuts

Our newest competitor 

offers free donut deals regularly and boasts close to a whopping 2 million followers on just one of their social media accounts

download (7).jpg

Problem #3

Reviving a stale brand

Step 1.

Start the Chuck's Donuts

re brand with a new logo

Old Logo

My first job was to turn this eye sore into an actual logo without making drastic changes in the design

Chuck'sDonutsFinal Logo.jpg

The new logo features designs inspired from the past logo such as the font which was modified to look friendlier. 

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  • Instagram
  • Twitter

Make sure to

like and follow

Chuck's Donuts

on social media!

the creative process

Starting with a unique take on maple bacon


Next step is to whip up a witty caption with an inviting font and color that works with the donut


Okay, I like the words and the colors but now we just have to add some finishing touches to the spacing and size of the text...

And boom we're done!

All that's left is to add the caption:

Introducing the OG Yin and Yang