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Zipcar Brand Ambassador

This unique direct marketing approach through FUSE Marketing was a lot of fun. As an ambassador, I hosted tablings, planned and executed unique Zipcar themed events, and posted sponsored content I created on my own social media. 

Event 1:

Pizza Party

Our first event was a success! We strategically positioned ourselves in the dorms where most incoming freshman stay. Our direct marketing approach is geared towards freshman college students because

they are the ones that

don't have cars. 

Existing Event Integration

Our task was to create

an event that built off

another event already happening on campus.

A finals week study

session was the perfect

spot to post up and give

away some free swag.

Instagram Takeover

Zipcars are super useful when grabbing a bite to eat. With these Instagram stories, we can show potential customers what kind of trips they're missing out on because they don't have a Zipcar.

Zipcar Video

Zipcar comes in clutch when you need to go grocery shopping.

In this video, potential customers can imagine themselves using Zipcar to get ingredients to cook meals like the one made in the video.