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Worked on an Allstate deck with an amazing team of interns from the Omnicom Health Group.

100 Roses From Concrete Pitch_edited_edited.jpg

Had the opportunity to work with 100 Roses from Concrete thanks to MAIP.


Was the face of the Zipcar brand on campus.


Students still recognize me on campus as the "Zipcar guy"...

Guess I did pretty well!

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Don't worry I got my moms approval before doing this.

She said as long as I'm not smoking it and just doing the art it was fine.



a sideline concussion testing app I made social media content for. 


Made some pretty sweet content with my first official client, my favorite local donut shop. 


Perks of working with Cashew Gai Thai include

Free food

Amazing experience

Free food

Fun content creation

Did I mention free food?